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Black is Slimming
Sure, kittens can have an LJ
Since its christmas, we wanted to give you all a very special gift, pictures of us!!!

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Our mom Anne LOVES to sew, and we love to help her, a few weeks after we moved in she was working on a blanket for her brother and we decided this was the perfect opertunity to share her hobby!!!

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We think that its important for you all to be able to tell the difference between us, just because we're both black kittens doesn't mean we are exactly the same! in fact, after we're done we think you'll find that we're hardly alike at all!!!

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this is from the vet's office first time we met our new moms, Sachi's on the right and Kika's on the left, ignoring the camera.
We were so tiny!!! we're much bigger now
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Welcome to our LJ, we are Sachi and Kika, two black kittens who live with our Moms, Michelle and Anne, in the Twin Cities, they set up an LJ for us so we can share how cute we are with the world.
Our Moms are roommates, and originally just Sachi was going to live here, but when they found out that Kika needed a home too, they decided that Anne needed her own kitten and so we got to stay together!!!
As we start this journal we are 4 months old and full of energy and even though we're only babies we're wearing our moms out!
But you'll find out more about us and our moms in upcoming entries, for now we just want to say "Hi"

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